Welcome to SUSC WebMail Service

Please Read and Follow The Following Notes Carefully:

  • Please delete Unused/Unnecessary/Old e-mails from "Sent", "sent-mail" or "Sent Items" directories.
    Mailboxes with large sizes will make problems when saving new mails, also with our New Webmail.
    Move important mails to backup directories and leave Sent folders and INBOX clean.
  • For your data security, please take care of Your Own Password!
    Do NOT use simple, systematic or easy-to-guess passwords.
    Do NOT give your accounts to anybody else to use.
    Don't give out your passwords to anybody but the site admin, and just for emergency cases.
    Change your passwords periodically (monthly, every 3 month, etc).
  • Please be careful about systems on which you check your mails.
    Don't install unknown programs. They may put malicious codes on your computer.
    Stop suspicious programs you don't really know what they do.
    Don't Use Your System Administrator Account while connecting internet or checking mails. It may cause invisible damages to or hijack your info.
    Define a non-administrative account on your computer for internet tasks.
  • Please read our Terms of Service carefully: Let's go to Login page! | New RC Mail
    NOTE: OLD Webmail is Deprecated & is not supported anymore.
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